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The seventy-fourth session of the National Auto Parts Fair

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"China Automobile Parts Fair" referred to as the national auto parts, is a traditional festival China auto parts industry, in the different city successfully held more than 70, vigorously develop the China automotive after market plays a positive role in promoting.

The exhibition began in 1965, the annual spring and autumn two season in the domestic different city tour. With the continuous development of market economy, the national auto parts will also to set the vehicle, auto parts, automotive electronics, automotive supplies, auto maintenance equipment, automobile decoration, maintenance supplies as the main exhibitors professional exhibition, and the exhibition, forum, conference, product promotion He Qia about the combined form, provides a professional exchange and cooperation platform for the auto parts industry. Each exhibition are from all over the country more than 2000 exhibitors and 50000 visitors, is the longest history, the largest car market after the exhibition.

The seventy-fourth session of the National Auto Parts Fair will be held November 2, 2013 -4 at the Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo (connected with the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall at the three stage), Bengbu Phoenix International Limited liability company will participate in this exhibition, booth No.: 1T38. 4500 varieties of support, openness of national sustainable investment, thousands of quality and variety shows, that your trip, the unique charm of the top ten filter to witness the national brand.

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