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With the rapid development of the company, we demand is growing, more and more thirst after talents. Company employees as the most valuable asset, the company for each employee to provide to fully show the individual and team wisdom occupation stage. Our stage, your talent, to achieve a common goal, can create a win-win situation, we invite you to join!

Talent is the most valuable wealth, talent is the business capital, and the Phoenix open the door to all talents.

Company employing standard is: have the sense of innovation and enterprising spirit;

The company's competitive mechanism is: who, light let, yongzhe;

The company can do: the right people, a suitable person;

Company not only through the treatment to keep people, more willing to cause to keep people, keep people feeling, culture has.


Welfare benefit.

1¡¢The company provides competitive salary£»

2¡¢Pay social insurance (pension, medical, injury, maternity, unemployment), commercial insurance£»

3¡¢Provide facilities staff dormitory, canteen health comfortable and convenient shuttle bus£»

4¡¢Employees enjoy seniority bonus£»

5¡¢Major festivals, the company will provide holiday fee£»

6¡¢The company regularly carry out excellent employee selection activities, and reward£»

7¡¢The company regularly organize rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, sports activities, such as Spring Festival reception¡£


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