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Enterprise purpose
Cheng Nabaichuan letter from the world
Honesty and loyalty to every customer, reputation to win the trust of every one of the friends, believe a man to do in advance for the business of the road, adhere to the integrity and development, in good faith, credibility in the employee customer.

spirit of enterprise
Science and technology is the first productivity
Respecting science, talent, quality, tree detail. Led by science and technology revolution, technology development, continuous innovation, never satisfied, and strive to achieve the goal of innovation of science and technology enterprises, strong enterprise.

Cultivate the talents to create wealth;
Dedication to society both moral and ability of the employees are the company's wealth is the wealth of society;
Wealth is the staff collective creation;
Has the talent, just real wealth, to undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise wide.

Management concept
Talent and achievements of the future detail decides success or failure of advocating humanistic management ideas, to people-oriented, take the quality as the core, in order to implement the measures, the enterprise culture permeates all aspects of the work, in a subtle highlight Phoenix spirit.
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