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Company introduction

Bengbu Phoenix International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Phoenix filter) is located in Anhui Bengbu high tech Development Zone Mount Huangshan Road No. 8028, its predecessor was established in 1997 in Dongguan established Dongguan Phoenix filter products Co Ltd, and because of the expansion of production capacity, in 2008 by the Bengbu municipal government investment, moved to Anhui Bengbu national high tech Industrial park.
Design for the annual production capacity of 22000000 kinds of filters, including an annual output of 6000000 environmental protection type oil fuel filter, air filter, 1500000 environmental protection 4500000 Recyclable injection air filter, 5000000 environmental protection type air filter, 3000000 PU air filter, 2000000 other filter. Products are mainly for export and domestic market after sale service. The products of the company and the Bengbu city cleaner industry products have very strong complementary sex, fill the blank of Bengbu filter industry products, products conform to the development direction of international filter industry.
Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of automotive air filter, diesel filter, environmental protection air conditioning filter and a variety of industrial filter. Renowned industry rapid development with excellent, high quality, service. In the environmental air filter, diesel filter, environmental protection air conditioning filter and a variety of industrial production with a filter and research and development in a leading position in the industry, has more than twenty patents. In the independent research and development and independent innovation, invest a lot of manpower and resources, special equipment in the majority of the production of independent research and development company and has been applied for or obtained national patent. Phoenix filter on the filter industry of new products and new technology, in the use and development of new materials, new technology, new products on the lead in the industry, especially the development of special filter material. The company has its own material production base and processing base mold in Huaiyuan development zone.
Phoenix filter at present nearly 90% of the products sold to the international market. The Phoenix 10 years of continuous efforts to develop, products have been successfully exported to Canada, Europe, Australia, American, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries and regions, customers include big, in, small parts distributors and agents as well as several world well-known brand filter oem. Diversity and pluralism and client companies export pipeline determines the management risk of the company is relatively low. The next step will conform to the situation of the domestic automobile market explosive growth, vigorously develop the domestic market, the company reputation in the international market, and strive in the domestic market achievement.
With the full implementation of the two phase of the project, completed and put into production and TS16949 quality control system, ERP information management system, Bengbu Phoenix filter Co., Ltd will have become a large independent intellectual property rights of the modern management factory.
With the euro, Euro IV (3, 4) auto emission standards gradually implemented and market requirements of vehicle performance improvement, performance filter material filter use were also improved constantly, the traditional filter material has been unable to meet the requirements of existing filtering technology. The current international development through the filter material was modified to improve the filtering performance and increase the function of research and experimental production, its function and performance index can meet or exceed the existing standard requirements. The development oriented Phoenix filter conform to international filter market, the establishment of the Bengbu Phoenix nano New Material Co Ltd, the introduction of the domestic research in nanotechnology and new materials of high-end talent, the first filtering material modification research and industrial production, and the research results are extended to electronics, building materials, furniture, clothing, shoe, home etc. nano new material - reserve.
Factory in 2013 April Bengbu Phoenix nano New Material Co Ltd put into use. Bengbu Phoenix International nano materials research and development and industrialization projects, adapt and conform to industry and technology investment guide and encourage the development of key state. The development of technology for the long-term development of far-reaching significance filter industry in our country, but also reflects the Bengbu filter industry competitiveness. Future Phoenix filter will become a high-tech enterprises set new nanometer materials R & D and production, R & D and production of high-end filter, filter development and production. For the city of Bengbu to build the largest filter Chinese industrial clusters contribute.

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