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Phoenix filter air filter


Phoenix filter air filter

Clean air, very reliable.

For best performance, internal combustion engines need clean air intake. If the presence of pollutants in the air, such as soot or dust and other pollutants from entering the combustion chamber, the cylinder appeared pitting can cover, causing the premature engine wear. Electronic component function is positioned between the air inlet chamber and the combustion chamber can be severely affected.

Phoenix filter air filter can effectively filter various particles in the road. Phoenix filter has high filtering efficiency, mechanical stability and strong features, which is extremely tiny particles in the filter inlet, whether it is dust, pollen, sand, carbon black or water, can filter out one one. It will promote the full combustion of the fuel, ensuring the stability of the engine performance.

Filter clogging will affect the engine intake, resulting in incomplete combustion of fuel, part of the fuel without using abandoned, so in order to ensure the performance of the engine, should regularly check the air filter. One advantage of the Phoenix filter air filter is high dust holding capacity, so that the air cleaner throughout the maintenance period have good reliability.

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